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2017 Beijing • China Cultural Relics Expo
November 24-27, 2017

Time | November 24-27, 2017
Address | Beijing poly international exhibition center(Hongyan road, dongsanhuan, chaoyang district, Beijing)


"2017 Beijing international exposition of cultural relics in China" on November 24th to 27th in poly international conference and exhibition center, the cultural relics of the international exposition hosted by the China council for the promotion of international trade Beijing branch, Beijing antique city co., LTD. With "cultural relics, science and technology and life" as the theme, the aggregation antique dealer, major museums and private collectors at home and abroad are carrying treasure there, for Beijing to build a cultural feast, let the art of cultural relics "live". The expo will be registered at the site, free of charge. During the same period, many lectures and appraisals will be held to popularize knowledge for the public. At that time, we will also be the best in the world, and we look forward to your visit.

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