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2017 Spring Exhibition - Shijiazhuang
May 25-26,2017

Time | May 25-26  10: 00-18: 00
Address | Xisan Art Building ·Shaokexuan (6 Floor,No.96, Zhongshan West Road,Shijiazhuang )



Sungari International Auction Co., Ltd. is touring to Shanghai and Shijiazhuang to present exhibitions of the works in the spring auction. A selection of a hundred and more works of art and objects in imperial court of ancient China will be displayed, including Supplement of “Hua Yan Sutra” collected by Guo Yun Pavilion, “Kong Cong Zi” Volume 7 in Catalogue of Tian Lu Lin Lang, a bell-shaped blue-and-white vase with interlocking lotus pattern in Qing Dynasty Qianlong Period, a Blue Hexagon Flowerpot in Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Period, a copper Amitayus Buddha statue in Ming Dynasty Yongle Period, Chinese zithers in Tang to Song Dynasty, etc. Audience can feast their eyes on the exemplary works from fourteen sections in the spring auction. At the same time, property consignment is simultaneously taking placing, with specialists attending our touring exhibition. Collectors and sellers of Chinese painting and calligraphy, ceramics and jades, classical furniture, ancient rare books and literati correspondence are welcome to enquire. For more details:8610-6415-6669.

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