礼人慎独的立德,先知后行的立身,专心任事的立行,持成开新的立业 。

  —— 董事长 刘亭


As one of the two auction houses with qualification of conducting nationwide auctions, Sungari International Auction Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 with registered capital of 30 million RMB. 


The mission of Sungari International Auction Co., Ltd. is to showcase and preserve Chinese art and culture and to nurture intercultural exchange. Sungari developed rapport with many Chinese and overseas artists, collectors and museum professionals. The specialists and national-level art appraisers from the company provide unparalleled service and expertise for our clients. In the last two decades, Sungari has successfully organized several auctions annually in many categories, conducting sales of more than 100,000 items. At the same time, Sungari assisted three corporations to establish their own museum in 2002.


In terms of art sales, in 2002, Sungari retrieved Mi Fu's “Mountain-shape Inkstone Inscription” in Song dynasty to China, which was purchased by State Cultural Relics Bureau as a national treasure with 30 million RMB. This was the first time that the Ministry of Finance allocated funds for bidding a single piece of artwork from an auction. In the same year, a Qing dynasty Qianlong period's Famille Rose Pipa-shape Vase was purchased with a hammer price of 11.22 million in Sungari’s autumn auction. At the “Fifteenth Anniversary Auction” in 2009, Qing imperial court artist Xu Yang’s “Pacifying the Western Regions and Offering the Captives” hand-scroll done in 1760 was purchased at 134.4 million, which broke the record of the hammer price of Chinese painting and calligraphy auctions. 


In addition, in July 2002, former Premier of China Zhu Rongji approved Sungari’s acceptation of the consignment from Ministry of Finance to sell related assets. And we successfully sold all the confiscated property in the first auction. In 2003, consigned by Beijing Court, Sungari sold Beijing's largest real estate property at a total price of approx. 200 million RMB.


On the basis of openness, fairness and friendly service, Sungari has always put customers in the first place, maintained the integrity of the company and provided best service to our clients. The high level of professionalism of Sungari has won itself recognition and respect in the market and industry.

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